Lo Muccio Oil | 500 ml

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“Lo Muccio” oil, is carefully obtained through an accurate selection of the fruits harvested at the right stage of ripeness in October. The medium mixture soil tending to sand, where there are centuries-old olive trees, gives this product a tight intensity of fruits; tight sensations of leaf, grass, bitter; weak or tight spicy sensations. It opens to the smell with a delicate olive oil with subtle hints of wild herbs and ripe fruit tones. It’s very harmonious with a full and well-balanced taste with notes of white fruit, sweet almond and hazelnut. In the final you can notice bitter and spicy notes. It is an oil that is suitable for many culinary applications, especially suitable on cooked and raw vegetables, on first courses, roasted and boiled fish, boiled meats. It’s an oil to be used daily with the knowledge of people who care about the health of the whole family.

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