About us

Our company was born in 2012 by the great passion that my husband and I feed for the olive trees and for this beautiful land that is Salento. We were conquered by nature and naturally also by the people who offered us all their reception by making one of them feel so much that in 2013 we decided to change life and move from Veneto, our land of origin, to Salento, our new land of adoption.

It is for this great love we have for the olive trees and for this beautiful land that hosts them, we started to produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, although in limited quantities just to follow all stages of production absolutely Correct: and it Is really the quality of the most important aspect that inspired our passion to become oil producers. Oil is the result of a generous climate, but also the result of great work and dedication by those who, with love and respect, cultivate and care for these authentic monuments of nature.

Of course, it is not easy to be farmers, but we firmly believe in what we do and while inspiring the ancient farming traditions of this beautiful land, through a continuous updating and professional training we use all the new cultivation, harvesting, production and respecting Technologies' to ensure more and more end consumers. To offer even more guarantees to our customers, and also because we strongly believe, we chose organic farming.

Tenuta Agricola Serradei offers hospitality in its own grounds, in two refined new apartments immersed in olive groves with large panoramic terraces 2 km from the sea, 14 from the city of Lecce and 17 from the airport of Brindisi.
Inside there is a small farm with horses, hens, geese, dogs and cats and we offer the possibility to guard the horses of the guests in special stables.

In addition to cycling riding, given the proximity to the sea, you can go boat trips and fish with our boat.

You can also have breakfast with the products at 0 km of the surrounding countryside.

From October to November it is possible to live with us the exciting time of picking and squeezing the olives and see how our extra virgin olive oil is born.

We speak English and animals are welcome.